Life is as dear to the mute creature as it is to a man - The Dalai Lama

They too, are created by the same loving hand of God which Created us...It is our duty to protect them and to promote their well-being.— Mother Teresa

So that a man hath no pre-eminence over a beast — Ecclesiastes 3:19

Life is life—whether in a cat, or dog or man - Sri Aurobindo

What is religion? Compassion for all things, which have life - Hitopadesa

There is not an animal on the earth, nor a flying creature on two wings, but they are people like unto you — The Holy Qur’an

Non-injury to living beings is the highest religion — Jain percept

A Robin Redbreast in a cage puts all Heaven in a Rage — William Blake

Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages - Thomas A. Edison

A man of my spiritual intensity does not eat corpses — George Bernard Shaw

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened — Anatole France

Non-violence begins with the fork — Elizabeth Frians

We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals - Immanual Kant

  • The best care a baby squirrel can get is from its mother. If you find a baby squirrel fallen from its nest, try to place it back in the nest if you can. If not, call your local SPCA / Organizations.
  • Place in a container (plastic etc.) that is well perforated for ventilation. Be sure the holes are not too big or it may crawl out.
  • Use soft cloth or cotton to prepare a warm bed. Cover the baby squirrel gently.Be sure not to suffocate it.
  • Be sure to lock the lid of the basket. Keep it away from cats. If you have pet cats please be extremely vigilant. Place the squirrel in a separate room or on a high loaft.
  • NEVER use mosquito repellent mats or sprays near the baby squirrels. Such chemicals affect the nervous system of squirrels. (This is true for rabbits and other pets small in size)
  • Warmth is necessary. The ideal temperature is about 98.5%.
  • Feed the baby four or five drops of diluted milk. If the baby is a little big, you can make a fluid paste of diluted milk & a small piece of biscuit (non-salty variety. Marie biscuit is ideal). Use cotton strand on ink fuller for feeding.
CAUTION: Please wipe the baby clean after feeding with a soft dry cloth. The milk will attract ants & insects otherwise. If the baby is a little old, (with fur on its body) you can gently clean it with warm, moist cloth (Dip cloth in warm water, squeeze water out & wipe).

NOTE: Squirrels are not pets. They belong to the wild. They are cue. But keep human contact to the barest minimum. Release it into a protected wooded area. When they are fit enough consult a veterinary or an expert in SPCA / others organizations before doing so.

  • If it is a bridling (a baby bird), then as it is with all babies in nature, the best care it can get is from its mother. Put it back in its nest if you can. If not call the local animal welfare organization.
  • Try feeding it a few drops of diluted milk with an ink filler. Soft paste of banana or grape fruit can be placed near its beak. Don’t try to force feed it.
  • If it’s an injured bird, approach it from behind so it does not panic and cover it with a soft cloth. Be sure that its wings are folded and that you don’t hurt its wings.
  • Place it in a container (basket) that is well perforated for ventilation.
  • You may place pieces of fruits in one corner of the container, but don’t try to force feed birds.

Call your local animal welfare organization (SPCA, as the first choice among equals). Remember, birds are not pets. Like all other 'children of nature' they are born free and must remain free.

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